treats with faces – ice cream sketches

a feather of lead

treats with faces - ice cream sketches

more food with face sketches, this time ice cream (melted ice cream was requested by the client) 2011

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Ice cream flip flops

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Gong Shows, Ice Cream, and Peace. Maybe.

The Quest for Eve

I woke up ready for some big internal changes today.

It probably started coming to a head yesterday when I realised I’m not as nice as I thought I was. I’ve been deluding myself. A lot of holes have appeared in my inner cheese since I was that sweet and wonderful original child-self, so I must be totally Swiss inside by now. No wonder I can’t bring myself to become a Canadian citizen…

Anyway, so I told the children this morning what kind of mood I am in, and that this was a great chance for them to tell me how they wish I behaved differently, and they said that I become too frustrated when they’re not understanding me. I examined myself and found some really good excuses for it, but it is true, and I need to change that as soon as I can. Even if my ADHD family’s…

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5/365: Green Tea

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Crispy Mint and Chocolate Home-made Ice Cream

melram babbles

imagesCAQSA0YWPeppermint and chocolate is a classic combination that we traditionally see during Christmas, usually served in beverages or in desserts. I tried to adapt this in a home-made ice cream recipe that I came across a few months back using peppermint candies and chocolate-coated wafer bars. It is a simple Holiday treat that could give a sweet end to a filling Christmas Eve/ Noche Buena meal.

2 250 ml Nestle All-purpose Cream (boxed ones), chilled overnight
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup powdered sugar (this will depend on your taste; just remember that the more sugar you add, the harder the ice creambase will be as this helps in the crystalization/ ice formation in the ice cream)
10 peppermint candies (red and white circular ones), crushed
2 4-pieces pack of Kitkat chocolate, roughly crushed or cut into smaller pieces
green food color (optional)
pinch of salt (acts as a preservative)

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729 layers

brown sugar cheesecake ice cream

with gingersnap “crust”

Gingersnap Ice Cream
Tuesday, New Year’s Day, I plucked the last beaded decoration off my Christmas tree, wishing I could keep it there just one more week, maybe two. Lights were unstrung, the tree went away, and the living room was restored to its normal twinkle-less state. Although I hadn’t slowed down and realized it was actually the holiday season until about a week before Christmas day, I found myself wishing the light would never leave. I’m not a Christmas fanatic. You know the type. That’s not me. But with the tree take-down, I felt myself wishing I were. I felt like I did as a kid going back to school after the December break. Christmas fanatic or not, the holiday is, for me, that little something to look forward to. Because after that, it is winter. Not winter-solstice-technical winter, but the winter you can

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Cherry panettone ice-cream (with Christmas leftovers)

italy on my mind

After Christmas festivities, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking and the fridge and pantry are full of left overs. Looking through my Twitter feed the other day, I noticed that SBS Food had posted a recipe using leftovers of cherries and panettone – aahhh, they were talking my language! For Christmas I had made not one but two zuccotti (link to my recipe here) for separate celebrations for both sides of the family, so I still had leftovers from the two panettoni that I had used to make them. All I needed were a few more ingredients and there I had it, a perfect no-cook dessert.

bowl of cherries

So I started to make the panettone ice-cream (noting that as to my usual form, I had looked at the ingredients without actually looking at the method). When I was about to mix the pitted cherries in with the ice-cream…

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