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Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Chocolate All Natural Sundae Cones


Scoop by Scoop: How Frozen Desserts Stack Up

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Ice Cream Infographic

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This is no sundae…. This is a banana split in a glass…

The other day me and my friend went to a local whetherspoons in Bristol, UK for catch up on the latest news and gossip, had a lovely chicken burger and decided to treat myself to a delicious looking ice-cream sundae to follow it up with…

It came, my eyes lite up as it got put on the table, however the light faded as believe me there were more banana and whipped cream than ice-cream within that sundae.. all I had was spoonfuls of banana. I digged deeper to find the two scoops of ice-cream but was some effort finding it amongst all the toppings. It was still enjoyable but I think they should re-brand it as a banana split in a glass..

Picture soon to follow ….


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Vanilla Ice Cream Challenge – Which is Best?

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REVIEW: Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

With the ice-cream maker, there were a few simple recipes to get everyone started. One was which a strawberry sorbet recipe. We grow our own strawberries at home in the back garden, however this year we have way too many… So I’ve been finding ways to try and bake, or make with them to use them all up before they start going bad.

The recipe was fairly simple, just puree strawberries, boiling sugar and water in a pan, taking it off the heat, add the puree and lemon juice with a few chopped up strawberry pieces. The lemon juice makes for a small sharp aftertaste. Its then chilled completely down in the fridge for 12 hours.

Usually the ice-cream maker makes ice-cream within 30 mins however this sorbet was only 10 mins before being stuck in the freezer. It incredibly tasty pure strawberry sweetness comes through with a tang at the end. The pieces of strawberries takes away from the smooth taste and give the sorbet a lovely texture on the tongue.

Strawberry Sorbet Recipe   7/10

A quick and easy recipe to use up big quantities of strawberries a lovely palette cleanser too.

P.S Sorry for the dirty table cloth >.< was eating it whilst doing bit of crafting the other night


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BK Bacon Sundae – Eat At Your Own Risk

Curious to try…would this ever be a hit and come over to the UK?


I have to admit the inquisitively ‘I’ll-try-anything-once’ side of me is curious about Burger Kings new baconsundae.  By quickly and strategically placing the tip of my tongue upon all of the fixings at once so I never have to again, I can at least say I’ve tried it.  Although, after further investigation, I find myself more curious about what ingredients make up such an ostentatious dessert.  Their website does not divulge this information and only provides the nutritional value.  Hmmm..I wonder what actually goes into making the bacon sundae?

  • 510 calories
  • 61 grams of sugar (that’s 15 teaspoons)
  • 10 grams of saturated fat (half the recommended daily max)
  • 670 mg of sodium (30% of the recommended daily max)
  • It’s also got 15 grams of protein (20-25% of the daily requirement for most people)


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London Olympic and Paralympic Games Seaside Pin Badge

London Olympic and Paralympic Games Seaside Pin Badge

To celebrate the London Olympic and Paralympic games, they have released array of different themed pin badges to celebrate all that is British.

This specific badge comes from a set of eight from the British seaside range of pin badges. Available from John Lewis.


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