REVIEW: Ben and Jerry’s Berry White Core Ice-cream

19 Jun


“This pitch perfect duet of vanilla with white chocolatey-chunks and “berry’tastic” raspberry ice-creams with a rich chocolate truffle core will help your taste buds in tune,”

I love the brand Ben and Jerry’s, but sometimes their ice-creams are hit and miss, and this concoction is one of them. The ice-creams within “Berry White” are first rate, cannot fault the mouth watering plain vanilla with the white chunky pieces or the delicious berry laden ice-cream on the other side. Perfect together or on their own if you want to eat one side then the other.

The one thing that lets this core flavour down is the core itself. When on its on it a very rich chocolate tastes just like a rich chocolate pudding. As you scoop into the tub to get a bit of everything and waiting for a taste sensation of vanilla chocolate and raspberry blast onto your tastes buds, you are disappointed. The sensation you get instead is just the rich chocolate truffle flavour lingering and covering all other flavours within the mouthful… But nevertheless the ice-cream is still edible, I just ate around the core as much as I could 🙂

Ben and Jerry’s “Berry White”  7 out of 10

Overall the ice-cream is incredibly moreish, however the chocolate truffle core is just too rich for me and disguises all other flavours when combined with the ice-cream.

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