REVIEW: Home Made French Vanilla Ice-cream

20 Jun

Finally got a new part for the Ice-cream maker, Huzah! so more ice-cream recipes can now be made for me to enjoy and review for all you ice-cream lovers like me out there…

The recipe like I said before was from the Ben and Jerry’s “Homemade Ice-cream and Dessert Book” we changed the recipe slightly by using vanilla sugar instead of plain sugar. It made for an incredibly intense vanilla flavour throughout the mixture. This one was frozen old fashioned style due to the missing part from the ice-cream maker.

Today I got a chance to actually have a taste of the ice-cream. First impressions it looks like a hard scoop ice-cream. I believe this is because it was frozen then defrosted slightly by accident then frozen again, so that would be are own fault. One to let melt for a bit before trying to get a spoon in the tub. Smells deliciously like madagascan vanilla as the vanilla scent is so strong. What would make it better would of been white chocolate or honeycomb pieces mixed into the ice-cream base just before it froze completely. The taste is like a strong flavoured vanilla mini milk, it melts gloriously on the tongue. A smooth milky texture with bursts of vanilla. Very tasty, it so close to the vanilla ice-cream you have in a proper Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream.

French Vanilla Recipe from Ben and Jerry’s         9/10

So yummy and easy to make this recipe definitely can be adapted and changed to make a fabulous vanilla ice-cream for everyone’s tastes. A great base ice-cream to enjoy with any other dessert too. Highly recommended.



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