So delicious ice cream is unexpectedly the drugs

21 Jun


Ice cream is equal to drugs?
Delicious ice cream always makes you not try to stop eating another, doesn’t it? A new study has found that, maybe you are experiencing a similar feeling of dependence on drug.

haagen-dazs ice cream
At present, the United States Oregon Research Institute researchers Dr Kyle Burger put his study interest in the effects of ice cream on people. They provided haagen-dazs chocolate milkshake ice cream for 151 teenagers who are 14-16 years old, and scanned these teenage brains with brain functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), found that when frequently eat ice cream, the brain striatum and the reaction of the related rewards parts decrease, this symptoms are similar with long-term drug. Is the ice cream the drugs?
The study may tell us, high fat and high sugar and other food provide high energy for us, at the same time it can also cause brain reward region to…

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