Eating too much ice cream can cause headaches

21 Jun


ice crea

In the hot day, eating ice cream is a pleasure thing! But, when you just bite a mouth, suddenly feel headache. Do you eat the wrong ice cream? In fact, not just the ice cream, other cold food also has the same effort. It will happen a series of chain reaction when the extremely cold food or drink touches the base of tongue, the symptoms are called "ice cream headache" in medical.
This kind of headache usually is located in central forehead, general happens after a few seconds of fast eating cold drink, after 30 to 60 seconds, the pain reaches the peak, and also have a few cases duration long time; occasionally can see the report that eating cold drinks cause epilepsy.
Whether patients with migraine headache are more likely to suffer from ice cream headache? The medical has controversial, but compared with in winter, ice cream headache is…

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