24 Jun

REVIEW: Chocolate Ice-cream Recipe

My family and I decided to try another ice-cream recipe for the ice-cream maker and as we had loads of double cream from the last attempt. We decided to try this chocolate ice-cream recipe. We had majority of the ingredients already and just had to buy the plain chocolate, we choose Bournville from Cadbury.

The making of the ice-cream mixture went quite well, nothing major went wrong, a pretty simple recipe, not many steps to create it. Me being me however read the recipe slightly wrong and put 150g of plain chocolate instead on the 50g noted on the page.

It has now finished in the ice-cream makers and looks like a ice-cream van whippy ice-cream as its incredibly soft, the full flavour of the extra added chocolate can be tasted throughout the ice-cream, such a rich dark taste, but incredibly moreish. I’m not a lover of cadbury’s nor dark chocolate but I can easily eat this ice-cream quite happily. I have now put it in the freezer to harden more…. but I can safely say this was a success story…

Chocolate Ice-cream recipe    8/10

Intense chocolate flavour, but not too intense you can only eat a spoonful. Want to try it yourself click on the link above… and comment below to tell me what you thought 🙂


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