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No Egg Maple Walnut Ice-cream Recipe

“To eliminate any potential disaster on your first ice cream try, start out with a recipe that doesn’t call for an egg yolk or custard base. That way, you won’t have to worry about your egg yolks curdling or scrambling, or the lengthy cooling time that follows.This light, airy ice cream incorporates the rich flavors of maple syrup and walnuts with cream and a touch of milk. Beginners, if you’re interested, keep reading for the basic recipe,” Yum Sugar, August 31st 2012 Author Melissa Clark

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Wild Blackberry Ice Cream (#25)

52 Scoops

I have a secret berry patch near my work.  Over the past few weeks during my lunch hour, I would head down the street, around the corner, and then along a country lane.  At the end, I would find a tangly mess of thorny bushes loaded with sun-warmed berries.

I am never prepared for berry picking.  Protective long-sleeved top and long pants?  No.  Sturdy shoes for stepping on and over thorny branches?  No.  Heavy duty gardening gloves, mega garden shears, and a stack of plastic buckets?  No, no, no.  Office clothes, open-toe shoes, and two pint-sized Ziploc bags tucked in my back pocket?  Why, yes!  That’s me.  But so far, I’ve emerged from the bushes unscathed (except for the odd little scratch here and there), and my clothes are still free of berry stains.

As with Week #19’s Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, this recipe requires the berries to be…

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Peach and Basil Ice Cream

This Little Italian Cooks

I’m weird.

It’s ok, I’m not afraid to admit it.  I mean, who puts things like peaches and basil together, in ice cream? I do, because I think it could possibly be the best ice cream E.V.E.R.

I LOVE ice cream, and no, this time I’m not exaggerating, I would never exaggerate when it comes to ice cream. I consider it a very, very serious matter.  In fact, there may have been a time (and by “may have” read, THERE ABSOLUTELY WAS) when the Greek boy and I lived in the north east, that we frequented Bruster’s Ice Cream, EVERY NIGHT for about a month.  

I really, really wish I was kidding.  I’m not. Not even a little bit.  Every night, we’d pile in the old Volvo (shout out to Steve the Volvo), corgis in tow, and head 2 miles to the local Bruster’s (frequent buyer card in hand…)…

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Fizzy Ice Lollies

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Hello Kitty 3D postcard


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Ice Cream Maker Reviews Americans consume more Ice Cream than any other country in the world – an average of 23 quarts per person, per year. An Ice Cream Maker creates delicious frozen yogurt, tantalizing sorbet, luscious ice cream, & divine gelato. So it’s always good to have one if you are an Ice Cream lover. is the best place for in-depth reviews of branded Ice Cream Makers.

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Chin Chin Labortorists, Camden Lock Palace, London

Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlour.

Mimo alerted me to this place this morning and I really want to try and find this place the next time I go to London. They make freshly made ice-cream and ready to eat in seconds, the reason why? they freeze the mixture with liquid nitrogen right in front of your very eyes. Sounds really exciting experience. All ice-cream lovers so go and visit. Their specials this week are Carnival Caramel (Lightly spiced with all spice, cinnamon, and Jamaican Guinness) and Frozen Margarita (Tart lemon and lime dairyfree sorbet studded with salt and lime candy pieces)


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