Blackcurrant & Lime Ice-Cream

18 Aug

An adventure with food.

Prepare to be hit by a whirlwind of devilishly wonderful frozen cream-based goods now that we have our new toy! Well I say our new toy, it’s actually W’s but I have stolen it for the weekend *evil cackle*.

Makes 1 litre.


500g blackcurrants
150g sugar
150ml single cream
180ml milk
3 egg yolks
zest and juice of 1 or 2 limes*
zest of ½ a lemon

*I used 1 but next time I would definitely go for 2!


Identical** to Raspberry & Dark Chocolate ice-cream recipe here. But with blackcurrants and limes, obviously. And the following alterations:

– no need to push the purée through a sieve
– heat and stir for slightly longer as using single instead of double cream

**so I’m being a bit loose with the definition of identical but really there was no point writing it out all again was there?

This is…

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