REVIEW: Yoo Moo Tropicoolmoo

21 Aug

“likes deep sea diving and pirate treasure hunting,”

Natural frozen yogurt with swirls of mango and passionfruit sauce topped with mango pieces.

Price: £1.30 for an 150ml pot (price may vary from supermarket to supermarket)

On opening the pot you get a big hit of mango through your nostrils. It looks really appealing to the eyes, and I was eager to taste. The mango pieces are quite chewy and fully of juicy flavours. As it is frozen yogurt it was easily scoop able straight away from the freezer.

You can taste the natural yogurt coming through with a light after taste of the mango and passion fruit sauce. Not too sweet but sweet enough to give a slight flavour through the natural yogurt. It melts pretty quickly, so it becomes just a normal yogurt with mango pieces, but still pretty tasty.

Yoo Moo’s Tropicoolmoo     8/10

Needs a hint more flavour and a bigger pot of it, as only 136 calories a small pot I’m sure a bigger pot of the stuff wouldn’t hurt anyone’s diet x3

My sidekick Moo DeCow agrees



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