Peach and Basil Ice Cream

31 Aug

This Little Italian Cooks

I’m weird.

It’s ok, I’m not afraid to admit it.  I mean, who puts things like peaches and basil together, in ice cream? I do, because I think it could possibly be the best ice cream E.V.E.R.

I LOVE ice cream, and no, this time I’m not exaggerating, I would never exaggerate when it comes to ice cream. I consider it a very, very serious matter.  In fact, there may have been a time (and by “may have” read, THERE ABSOLUTELY WAS) when the Greek boy and I lived in the north east, that we frequented Bruster’s Ice Cream, EVERY NIGHT for about a month.  

I really, really wish I was kidding.  I’m not. Not even a little bit.  Every night, we’d pile in the old Volvo (shout out to Steve the Volvo), corgis in tow, and head 2 miles to the local Bruster’s (frequent buyer card in hand…)…

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