Review: Winstones Ice-cream

09 Sep

As we were at the lawnmower racing for quite a while, me and my friend Felicity tried out some more ice-cream flavours. The ice-cream van was stocked with Winstones Ice-cream, a name I’ve never have heard of before, but we gave it a try none the less. My friend went for a scoop of mint and a scoop of rum and raisin. I, however went for strawberry and rum and raisin. Both flavours were delicious. Very scrummy and perfect to finish off the afternoon with. Creamy, smooth and lickable.

There were huge chunky fruit pieces in both my ice-cream scoops. Full of flavour and a very good combination too, they complimented one another perfectly. It was so good, even the neighboring dog who was sat near me wanted a taste. The rum and raisin was packed with juicy rum infused raisins which popped with flavour, so did the strawberry. My friend enjoyed the rum ice-cream so much she brought the same combination twice.

Winstones Ice-cream           9/10

Incredibly tasty and so so good for a very summery afternoon.


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