Review: Cherry Brandy Lollipop

09 Sep

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the lawnmower racing (I seriously recommend watching lawnmower racing) was spectacular. What made it more complete, tasting different ice-creams and lollipops whist watching the lawnmowers cause havoc on the track. I decided to try out a flavour I haven’t seen before, cherry brandy flavour. It looked delightfully tasty with the deep burgundy colour. It melted quite quickly so i couldn’t really savour the flavour for too long. On first lick is was very very flavoursome, each bite incredibly juicy. A very summery flavour, very sweet and could of become quite sickly if I had another one. The balance was just right in this lollipop, almost tastes like cherry liquor or cherry cordial, very sweet tasting.

Cherry Brandy Lollipop                    7/10

One was enough for the afternoon, any more would be too much. On the plus side you did get a very bright red tongue afterwards 🙂


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