Recipe: Pear Caramel Ice Cream

11 Sep


Sadly, I’ll have to admit that we are not very good at making caramel {well,  we are a work in progress – and we’re still trying}. I found this recipe from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop and sent it immediately to Evan to try for ourselves. This recipe perfectly matches both the pear and caramel flavors making it a perfect combination. {I was at first surprised that the caramel doesn’t mask the pear flavor, but compliments beautifully!} Well, we first started making the caramel and wasn’t prepared for how hot the pan was or the type of special spatula you’ll need to cook in heat. {We lost 3 spatulas the first time we made this, so if you end up losing one, you are doing a heck of a lot better than we were!}

If you {like me} have not had much practice making caramel, this recipe can seem daunting…

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