REVIEW: Frankie and Benny’s “Sherbet Dip” Sundae

29 Sep

For a birthday treat, me and a few others went to a well-known chain restaurant called Frankie’s and Benny’s which serve New York Italian Style food. Me, being British ordered Fish and Chips, I recommend this main meal if you ever so happen to pop into a Frankie and Benny’s.

However, the main attraction was dessert and there were many sundaes to choose from the menu. For only £5.95 I went for the “sherbet dip”, which consisted of lemon sorbet, vanilla ice-cream, real berry sauce and whipped cream.

I got to say it was incredibly tasty, the cream on the top was your normal spray cream from a can but the lemon sorbet was sour on the tongue straight away, cleansed the palette beautifully and the berries gave a sharp bitter taste with the lemon sorbet. After the sour notes you got a creamy, rich  full flavoured vanilla ice-cream and it slipped down like a treat. The first part of the sundae was just like a sherbet dip that you got as a child, and the sourness hits the back of your throat for a while but gently dissolves away, until the next bite.

Frankie and Benny’s “Sherbet Dip” Sundae                              8/10

Perfect dessert, not too heavy, light on the stomach and a lovely cleansing taste at the end of the meal, sweet and bitter together in harmony.



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