Mochiko: Soft ice-cream ball treat!

07 Oct

Benz is Street Snapping



Looking down at my best friend’s Mochiko Pandan ball, my mouth started to water. That Japanese rice cake, pounded and molded into a circle, right inside is my desired flavor of sorts!

The first time I’ve tasted this was back at Mercato, High Street, two train rides, a bus ride and a kilometer long walk from where I live. But if I ever come across that craving for a soft ice-cream center, I’d just stop by at Megamall at the 2nd Floor Bridgeway near Orchard Road.




Mochiko really is all around now! They’ve also opened a branch at Shangri-la Plaza Mall. And now I think they’re opening a third branch somewhere…that however would be a surprise. Keep posted!


The very nice staff of Mochiko Megamall, Michelle, Anne and Evelyn. Thank you for the warm service! To all you Mochi / ice-cream lovers out there, happy…

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