Ice Cream Without a Maker–Soufflé Glacé

15 Oct

Tracy Rittmueller

Soufflé Glacé au Grand Marnier is a classic French frozen ice cream souffle (“au Grand Marnier” is optional, it means “scented with orange liquor.”) This is rich and delicious ice cream.  The churning/whipping happens before freezing, eliminating the need for an ice cream maker.

I used both a hand mixer (a Braun handheld with the whip attachment) and a stand mixer (with whip attachment), for speed in putting this together. If you don’t have both, simply wash the beaters after whipping the egg yokes/sugar/milk, and then whip the cream. But you’ll still need two large bowls.

I adapted this recipe from a German cookbook, The Great Cooking School for the Modern Household” by Martina Meuth (1980).

The concept: First you make a kind of sweetened condensed milk. Boil it and add part of it, hot, to egg yolks and whip it to a frenzy, then add the rest of…

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