Crispy Mint and Chocolate Home-made Ice Cream

03 Jan

melram babbles

imagesCAQSA0YWPeppermint and chocolate is a classic combination that we traditionally see during Christmas, usually served in beverages or in desserts. I tried to adapt this in a home-made ice cream recipe that I came across a few months back using peppermint candies and chocolate-coated wafer bars. It is a simple Holiday treat that could give a sweet end to a filling Christmas Eve/ Noche Buena meal.

2 250 ml Nestle All-purpose Cream (boxed ones), chilled overnight
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup powdered sugar (this will depend on your taste; just remember that the more sugar you add, the harder the ice creambase will be as this helps in the crystalization/ ice formation in the ice cream)
10 peppermint candies (red and white circular ones), crushed
2 4-pieces pack of Kitkat chocolate, roughly crushed or cut into smaller pieces
green food color (optional)
pinch of salt (acts as a preservative)

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