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What I found Bizarre on my ice-cream journey


Stripping Ben and Jerry’s Cow “Fairy Nuts” Pen

What the title says, you hold it upside down the cow it naked, you turn it the right way its in a bikini. Got this pen randomly on my birthday from my sister 🙂


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Try some Dragon Fruit Ice Cream on 5th Ave in Playa Del Carmen!

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Sushi Ice Cream Häagen-Dazs


Sushi Ice Cream Häagen-Dazs

woow .. this ice cream is very yummy !
Ice cream is made up of 4 flavors i.e. Mango Salmon , Strawberry Gunkan , Raspberry Kani , and Kiwi Gunkan .
I recommended this to you try it !

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Taste your favourite character


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Maple Bacon Ice-Cream Recipe

Dedicated to the bacon lord Tim

We all have a person in our lives who love the smell, taste and flavours that is bacon. We wouldn’t really consider bacon and ice-cream together, however Heston Blumenthal discovered that these two ingredients go deliciously well.

Unfortunately I don’t have a kitchen like Blumenthal and so this recipe will help me discover this bizarre combination.

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Soy Sauce Ice-cream?

All the way from Japan is a new flavour of ice-cream, yes Soy Sauce. A Japanese confectionery company have come up with a cream puff fill with the distinctive flavour, and plain soy sauce ice-cream.

The cream puffs cost 150 yen ($1.92) each,while the ice cream goes for 250 yen.

Some of the profits from the sales go to non profit organisations for aid work in Rikuzentakata.


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Review: Cherry Brandy Lollipop

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the lawnmower racing (I seriously recommend watching lawnmower racing) was spectacular. What made it more complete, tasting different ice-creams and lollipops whist watching the lawnmowers cause havoc on the track. I decided to try out a flavour I haven’t seen before, cherry brandy flavour. It looked delightfully tasty with the deep burgundy colour. It melted quite quickly so i couldn’t really savour the flavour for too long. On first lick is was very very flavoursome, each bite incredibly juicy. A very summery flavour, very sweet and could of become quite sickly if I had another one. The balance was just right in this lollipop, almost tastes like cherry liquor or cherry cordial, very sweet tasting.

Cherry Brandy Lollipop                    7/10

One was enough for the afternoon, any more would be too much. On the plus side you did get a very bright red tongue afterwards 🙂


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