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Happy Belated National Ice-cream Day

December the 13th in the USA was the day of the ice-cream. Unfortunately I missed this news yesterday, however I hoped you guys celebrated it in style, if not don’t despair, it comes round twice a year. It is also celebrated in the summer month of July.

Click here for 10 festive holiday flavours to get your taste buds going.

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Would you buy an ice-cream from this man??

My friend Adam recently came back from Italy and from a little town called Sorrento was this billboard. In the back streets of the town may I add. This has got to be the most scariest billboard for ice-cream in existence. Unless readers, you know of any others…

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Want some taste with that ice-cream?

Normally with low fat, or no fat products, the taste is either bland or frankly disgusting. The calories shaved meant that our favorite mouth watering sugary sweet products became unappetizing, however not anymore there is a new product range craze that started with the soda companies in the USA. Mid-calorie products. Instead of cutting as many calories as possible or fat, they cut the calorie content by half, and the brands try and keep as much of the great taste that everyone loves so much. the first ice-cream brand to do such a range is Dreyer’s. Click on link to find out more.

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One-Ingredient Ice Cream


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Try some Dragon Fruit Ice Cream on 5th Ave in Playa Del Carmen!

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New Flavour: Cannoli from Ben and Jerry’s

A few days ago Ben and Jerry announced the next limited edition flavour from their range is “Cannoli”

A mascarpone ice-cream with fudge covered cannoli pieces and a mascarpone swirl,

Sounds delicious, however only available in the USA for a 3 -4 month period.

Whats a cannoli though? Well Cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta. They range in size from “cannulicchi”, no bigger than a finger, to the fist-sized proportions typically found in the south of Sicily.

Click on the link to find out more.

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Scientific Ice Cream

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