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Due to work I have been absent from my blog and this is unacceptable. Going to get back on this blog as much as I can. Beginning with some reblogs and then some ice-cream inspired desserts for the Christmas season.

I’m back and mostly likely going to stay like that until work overloads me with shifts again.

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Would you buy an ice-cream from this man??

My friend Adam recently came back from Italy and from a little town called Sorrento was this billboard. In the back streets of the town may I add. This has got to be the most scariest billboard for ice-cream in existence. Unless readers, you know of any others…

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REVIEW: Frankie and Benny’s “Sherbet Dip” Sundae

For a birthday treat, me and a few others went to a well-known chain restaurant called Frankie’s and Benny’s which serve New York Italian Style food. Me, being British ordered Fish and Chips, I recommend this main meal if you ever so happen to pop into a Frankie and Benny’s.

However, the main attraction was dessert and there were many sundaes to choose from the menu. For only £5.95 I went for the “sherbet dip”, which consisted of lemon sorbet, vanilla ice-cream, real berry sauce and whipped cream.

I got to say it was incredibly tasty, the cream on the top was your normal spray cream from a can but the lemon sorbet was sour on the tongue straight away, cleansed the palette beautifully and the berries gave a sharp bitter taste with the lemon sorbet. After the sour notes you got a creamy, rich  full flavoured vanilla ice-cream and it slipped down like a treat. The first part of the sundae was just like a sherbet dip that you got as a child, and the sourness hits the back of your throat for a while but gently dissolves away, until the next bite.

Frankie and Benny’s “Sherbet Dip” Sundae                              8/10

Perfect dessert, not too heavy, light on the stomach and a lovely cleansing taste at the end of the meal, sweet and bitter together in harmony.



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New Adminastrator!

Please give a big hand to a new Fetish for Ice-Cream Administrator Cyanideandcustard!!

He will be giving me a hand on trying to keep on top of this blog by posting, reviewing, finding ice-cream news from in and around Europe 🙂 Based in Belgium he’s got taste buds for ice-cream, after all ice-cream is the best compliment for waffles and crepes and of course chocolate desserts.


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REVIEW: Haagan Dazs Praline and Cream

Vanilla ice-cream with caramel swirls and caramelised pecan nuts,”

This ice-cream I wasn’t particularly fond of.

First impressions, very plain looking with hints of caramel lines running throughout the base ice-cream flavour. Small bumps showed me where the pecans lay. It melted quickly, but I presumed that was because of the size of the tub. There was a rich creamy texture to the vanilla ice-cream which was very smooth melting in the mouth.

Nice pieces of pecan helped take the richness away and gave your taste buds a rest from the sweetness, however the caramel covering on them created too much of a rich sugary after tone once the nut has been eaten. If I brought a bigger tub I would of struggled to eat  bigger scoops than the tiny 100ml pot I purchased, and the tub would be left at the bottom of the freezer.

Haagen Dazs Praline and Cream Ice-cream        4/10

Too sugary sweet with the rich vanilla ice-cream base for my liking. Not one of the best ice-cream flavours, but will try other flavours from the range as it was one flavour out of many that I tried.


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Review: Winstones Ice-cream

As we were at the lawnmower racing for quite a while, me and my friend Felicity tried out some more ice-cream flavours. The ice-cream van was stocked with Winstones Ice-cream, a name I’ve never have heard of before, but we gave it a try none the less. My friend went for a scoop of mint and a scoop of rum and raisin. I, however went for strawberry and rum and raisin. Both flavours were delicious. Very scrummy and perfect to finish off the afternoon with. Creamy, smooth and lickable.

There were huge chunky fruit pieces in both my ice-cream scoops. Full of flavour and a very good combination too, they complimented one another perfectly. It was so good, even the neighboring dog who was sat near me wanted a taste. The rum and raisin was packed with juicy rum infused raisins which popped with flavour, so did the strawberry. My friend enjoyed the rum ice-cream so much she brought the same combination twice.

Winstones Ice-cream           9/10

Incredibly tasty and so so good for a very summery afternoon.


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Review: Cherry Brandy Lollipop

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the lawnmower racing (I seriously recommend watching lawnmower racing) was spectacular. What made it more complete, tasting different ice-creams and lollipops whist watching the lawnmowers cause havoc on the track. I decided to try out a flavour I haven’t seen before, cherry brandy flavour. It looked delightfully tasty with the deep burgundy colour. It melted quite quickly so i couldn’t really savour the flavour for too long. On first lick is was very very flavoursome, each bite incredibly juicy. A very summery flavour, very sweet and could of become quite sickly if I had another one. The balance was just right in this lollipop, almost tastes like cherry liquor or cherry cordial, very sweet tasting.

Cherry Brandy Lollipop                    7/10

One was enough for the afternoon, any more would be too much. On the plus side you did get a very bright red tongue afterwards 🙂


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