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Moo-cha: Review

So yesturday was a trip to midlands, Birmingham to be precise and the first thing I wanted to do was try the frozen yogurt and bubble tea from a small little booth called Moo-cha in the Birmingham Bullring (Selfridges side) which I only just heard about.

What is bubble tea I heard a few of you question?

It is and I quote from the Moo-cha website itself

Bubble tea is a sweet and refreshing drink that originated in Taiwan during the early 1980s and has since gone on to establish a worldwide following. Also, known as many other names including boba tea, pearl milk tea and tapioca pearl tea.

A first time drinker may be slightly alarmed by the accompaniment of squishy little balls that follow through the deliberately fat straw. These are in fact tapioca pearls; small marble sized balls which have often been likened to the texture of a gummy bear. The tapioca pearls act as a bonus to the name of bubble tea. The actual name refers to the formation of bubbles that are produced during the vigorously shaking process.

Bubble tea can be shaken or blended, hot or cold, with or without toppings. Bubble Tea has an immense number of possibilities,”

It really doesn’t disappoint. I was amazed by how many flavour combinations you could have for your bubble tea experience (over 200 of them) and countless amounts for your frozen yogurt too. Nothing quite like it. The frozen yogurt was creamy and delightful even the plain variety looked mouthwatering. My bubble tea consist of a fruity strawberry base with black tea and burstable lychee popping balls. So refreshing after a long coach journey, and on a hot sunny day as it turned out to be.

Moo-cha bubble tea and frozen yogurt booth     9/10

If your in Birmingham and you want something that is different from your normal refreshment I definitely recommend this place 1000 times. so affordable and so delicious no matter what combination you have.

Fancy a look at the menu before you take your visit, click here to browse


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