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10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors

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Ice Cream Sundae Malted Milk Balls (10 Pound Case)


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Milk Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream

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Another ice cream recipe that I couldn’t wait to make was Milk-Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream. This was yet another recipe that I happened to have the ingredients for. I had milk chocolate left from the hot chocolate mix I made in the winter, and had Guinness left from St. Patrick’s Day. [Both of those seem so long ago!] As with the Date, Rum, and Pecan Ice Cream, if I turned the ingredients into ice cream, they’d be a little easier to move!

Of the handful of recipes I’ve tried from The Perfect Scoop, this is my favorite so far. This was a very easy recipe to make. Simply make the custard; mix hot custard into chocolate to until it melts; add cream and beer; chill; churn; and freeze.

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Buttermilk Ice Cream With Plum Juniper Berry Swirl


I love ice cream, and really enjoy making it rather than buying commercially prepared, don’t get me wrong I buy ice cream often but when I have the time and ingredients I really love home made. This idea came to me because I had  some things I needed to use before they spoiled.  I had some buttermilk I needed to use right away and  plum juniper berry syrup left over from the Marx Food cocktail contest. I thought that the tangy buttermilk custard would go nicely with the sweet/tart plum syrup. It really did go well together and the resulting ice cream is delicious. I took the plum syrup and reduced it by about 1/4 so it was more of a loose jam consistency and would make a nice swirl in the ice cream. This tastes like cheesecake ice cream, it’s creamy and a little tangy and the plum swirl…

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Black Sesame Coconut Milk Ice Cream

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