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spanish melon sorbet


say hello to our newest purchase – an ice cream maker. my partner got it in his head that he’d like to make gelato and so off we went to the appliance store, only to find out that there exists a single model of ice cream maker on the island: a kenwood (im280) which required the bowl to be frozen at least overnight. this meant no instant gratification, and the fact that we were actually paying more than a hundred for what was a mere insulated bowl. but we still got it.

human folly must be excused. and now, let me tell you about our virgin batch of iced goodness: a melon sherbet.

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REVIEW: Frankie and Benny’s “Sherbet Dip” Sundae

For a birthday treat, me and a few others went to a well-known chain restaurant called Frankie’s and Benny’s which serve New York Italian Style food. Me, being British ordered Fish and Chips, I recommend this main meal if you ever so happen to pop into a Frankie and Benny’s.

However, the main attraction was dessert and there were many sundaes to choose from the menu. For only £5.95 I went for the “sherbet dip”, which consisted of lemon sorbet, vanilla ice-cream, real berry sauce and whipped cream.

I got to say it was incredibly tasty, the cream on the top was your normal spray cream from a can but the lemon sorbet was sour on the tongue straight away, cleansed the palette beautifully and the berries gave a sharp bitter taste with the lemon sorbet. After the sour notes you got a creamy, rich  full flavoured vanilla ice-cream and it slipped down like a treat. The first part of the sundae was just like a sherbet dip that you got as a child, and the sourness hits the back of your throat for a while but gently dissolves away, until the next bite.

Frankie and Benny’s “Sherbet Dip” Sundae                              8/10

Perfect dessert, not too heavy, light on the stomach and a lovely cleansing taste at the end of the meal, sweet and bitter together in harmony.



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Green Apple-Sparkling Cider Sorbet


We only had sparkling cider at holidays, or special occasions. Or at least that’s how I remember it. It always seemed like a such a special treat, with the green bottle that popped when you opened it. Even if we were drinking it out of juice glasses the bubbles gave it a grown-up, sophisticated feel. And it does taste good too, unlike some of those holiday traditions.

Even now it seems a little funny to have it when it’s not a holiday. And why bother opening a whole bottle for just one person? So a bottle I got on sale sat in the cupboard for a while until I found this recipe.

It turned out nice and appley, although boy howdy did it freeze solid! And I want to be able to scoop and eat right out of the freezer, so that was a bit of a minus.

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Apple Season in the UK

Its now mid-september in the UK and it start of the apple harvest. Time to bring in all the juicy varieties and make lots of wonderful appley treats.

Apple pie, apple cake, apple juice, apple sauce or jam are usually the things people do with apples, but how about turning your apples or any store brought apples in to a creamy ice-cream or frozen yogurt or even a tangy sorbet?

Here are a few links to get you started on creating something different:

Even if you don’t fancy making some yourself Ben and Jerry’s got you covered with Oh! My Apple Pie! and Apple-y Ever After.


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Carrot and Orange Sorbet from The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream (and a Giveaway!)


If you enjoy making your own ice cream, or would like to start, you’d probably love the recently-published book The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream: Over 300 Gelatos, Sorbets, Cakes, & More. Written by master chef Jan Hedh, this hardcover book includes an amazing variety of recipes for ice cream, gelatos, sorbets, ice cream cakes, parfaits, and other delicious ice cream treats, along with great photos. I’m giving a copy of this book away, compliments of Skyhorse Publishing, so see the end of this post for details!

Chef Hedh is from Sweden, one of the top ice cream-consuming countries in the world, and some of the unique recipes he has developed include Basil Yogurt Ice Cream, Avocado Ice Cream, White Mocha Ice Cream, Pumpkin Sorbet, Blueberry Sorbet, Espresso Granite, and decadent desserts like Chocolate Meringue Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Meringue Pavlov with Passion Fruit Sorbet…

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REVIEW: Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

With the ice-cream maker, there were a few simple recipes to get everyone started. One was which a strawberry sorbet recipe. We grow our own strawberries at home in the back garden, however this year we have way too many… So I’ve been finding ways to try and bake, or make with them to use them all up before they start going bad.

The recipe was fairly simple, just puree strawberries, boiling sugar and water in a pan, taking it off the heat, add the puree and lemon juice with a few chopped up strawberry pieces. The lemon juice makes for a small sharp aftertaste. Its then chilled completely down in the fridge for 12 hours.

Usually the ice-cream maker makes ice-cream within 30 mins however this sorbet was only 10 mins before being stuck in the freezer. It incredibly tasty pure strawberry sweetness comes through with a tang at the end. The pieces of strawberries takes away from the smooth taste and give the sorbet a lovely texture on the tongue.

Strawberry Sorbet Recipe   7/10

A quick and easy recipe to use up big quantities of strawberries a lovely palette cleanser too.

P.S Sorry for the dirty table cloth >.< was eating it whilst doing bit of crafting the other night


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