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Want some taste with that ice-cream?

Normally with low fat, or no fat products, the taste is either bland or frankly disgusting. The calories shaved meant that our favorite mouth watering sugary sweet products became unappetizing, however not anymore there is a new product range craze that started with the soda companies in the USA. Mid-calorie products. Instead of cutting as many calories as possible or fat, they cut the calorie content by half, and the brands try and keep as much of the great taste that everyone loves so much. the first ice-cream brand to do such a range is Dreyer’s. Click on link to find out more.

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Froyo leaving ice-cream out in the cold

Apparently a recent study have shown that frozen yogurt has become mighty popular over the last 2 years. the daily mail writes that because ice-cream has become more expensive, more and more people are choosing the healthier option of froyo.

Ice-cream has become expensive due to the increase price of the raw ingredients such as sugar, plus other additions like advertisement and transport. Frozen yogurt can be a more desirable treat as it can be virtually fat free and any flavours or topping can be added to create a great taste sensation. The favourite brand at the moment and currently boosting the froyo sales is YooMoos.

If you want to know the finer details, click on the link above. I know that statistics isn’t for everyone.

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Scoop by Scoop: How Frozen Desserts Stack Up

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Ice Cream Infographic

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