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Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

This Country Girl Cooks

I think I’ve done a pretty good job keeping my pumpkin obsession under wraps thus far.  But I cannot guarantee anything from here on out.  I’ve broken open my first can and I cannot help myself.

I’m like a junkie looking for her next fix in her meth lab in the woods.  Except my meth lab is my kitchen, and my next fix is pumpkin ANYTHING.

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Apple Season in the UK

Its now mid-september in the UK and it start of the apple harvest. Time to bring in all the juicy varieties and make lots of wonderful appley treats.

Apple pie, apple cake, apple juice, apple sauce or jam are usually the things people do with apples, but how about turning your apples or any store brought apples in to a creamy ice-cream or frozen yogurt or even a tangy sorbet?

Here are a few links to get you started on creating something different:

Even if you don’t fancy making some yourself Ben and Jerry’s got you covered with Oh! My Apple Pie! and Apple-y Ever After.


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Froyo leaving ice-cream out in the cold

Apparently a recent study have shown that frozen yogurt has become mighty popular over the last 2 years. the daily mail writes that because ice-cream has become more expensive, more and more people are choosing the healthier option of froyo.

Ice-cream has become expensive due to the increase price of the raw ingredients such as sugar, plus other additions like advertisement and transport. Frozen yogurt can be a more desirable treat as it can be virtually fat free and any flavours or topping can be added to create a great taste sensation. The favourite brand at the moment and currently boosting the froyo sales is YooMoos.

If you want to know the finer details, click on the link above. I know that statistics isn’t for everyone.

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Moo-cha: Review

So yesturday was a trip to midlands, Birmingham to be precise and the first thing I wanted to do was try the frozen yogurt and bubble tea from a small little booth called Moo-cha in the Birmingham Bullring (Selfridges side) which I only just heard about.

What is bubble tea I heard a few of you question?

It is and I quote from the Moo-cha website itself

Bubble tea is a sweet and refreshing drink that originated in Taiwan during the early 1980s and has since gone on to establish a worldwide following. Also, known as many other names including boba tea, pearl milk tea and tapioca pearl tea.

A first time drinker may be slightly alarmed by the accompaniment of squishy little balls that follow through the deliberately fat straw. These are in fact tapioca pearls; small marble sized balls which have often been likened to the texture of a gummy bear. The tapioca pearls act as a bonus to the name of bubble tea. The actual name refers to the formation of bubbles that are produced during the vigorously shaking process.

Bubble tea can be shaken or blended, hot or cold, with or without toppings. Bubble Tea has an immense number of possibilities,”

It really doesn’t disappoint. I was amazed by how many flavour combinations you could have for your bubble tea experience (over 200 of them) and countless amounts for your frozen yogurt too. Nothing quite like it. The frozen yogurt was creamy and delightful even the plain variety looked mouthwatering. My bubble tea consist of a fruity strawberry base with black tea and burstable lychee popping balls. So refreshing after a long coach journey, and on a hot sunny day as it turned out to be.

Moo-cha bubble tea and frozen yogurt booth     9/10

If your in Birmingham and you want something that is different from your normal refreshment I definitely recommend this place 1000 times. so affordable and so delicious no matter what combination you have.

Fancy a look at the menu before you take your visit, click here to browse


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REVIEW: Yoo Moo Tropicoolmoo

“likes deep sea diving and pirate treasure hunting,”

Natural frozen yogurt with swirls of mango and passionfruit sauce topped with mango pieces.

Price: £1.30 for an 150ml pot (price may vary from supermarket to supermarket)

On opening the pot you get a big hit of mango through your nostrils. It looks really appealing to the eyes, and I was eager to taste. The mango pieces are quite chewy and fully of juicy flavours. As it is frozen yogurt it was easily scoop able straight away from the freezer.

You can taste the natural yogurt coming through with a light after taste of the mango and passion fruit sauce. Not too sweet but sweet enough to give a slight flavour through the natural yogurt. It melts pretty quickly, so it becomes just a normal yogurt with mango pieces, but still pretty tasty.

Yoo Moo’s Tropicoolmoo     8/10

Needs a hint more flavour and a bigger pot of it, as only 136 calories a small pot I’m sure a bigger pot of the stuff wouldn’t hurt anyone’s diet x3

My sidekick Moo DeCow agrees



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Yoo Moo, St. David’s 2, Cardiff



I started a dangerous love affair recently… with frozen yogurt. I’ve heard about branches like Pinkberry in the States, but didn’t know of any over here. Well, I shall search no more.

Yoo Moo is amazing: it’s fat free, and there are endless combos to choose from. It’s not that cheap but, hey, it’s a treat.

There are three stages to your Yoo Moo purchase: pick a size, pick a flavour, pick toppings.

You can go (relatively) healthy (see above picture), and top your Yoo Moo with fruit. But I prefer to turn what could be a healthy snack into something as sickeningly sweet and indulgent as possible. Why? Because I just cannot help myself.

Get mooing!

The details:

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New Product- Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt


First it was the rise of froyo. Now people are crazy for greek yogurt! Ben & Jerry caught on and are now making a product to satisfy both cravings.

I saw a billboard on the freeway and decided I had to try this new creation.  It comes in Raspberry Fudge Chunk, Banana Peanut Butter, Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Vanilla Graham.  I got the first two, as seen above.

The verdict? It’s pretty good but nothing unbelievable. It is less dense than their traditional  ice cream and has a slight tang.  If you’re a peanut butter lover, the banana peanut butter will satisfy you. I liked this better than the raspberry chunk which tasted kind of syrupy to me.

How does the Greek measure up nutritionally to the traditional B&J’s? It has slightly fewer calories, less fat, less saturated fat and less cholesterol. It has a comparable amount of sugar but…

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